BOOK REVIEW: If All Is Well, Why Am I like This?


I started writing this book in 2007 during my Service year in Adamawa. I have been confronted with many challenges of life and it seemed like there was no single way out of them all.

Some had succeeded following certain pathways; others followed after them and failed woefully. It didn’t make sense, especially because this issue of mentoring and all was gradually becoming a thing. It didn’t seem like following anyone was a way out of life challenges, except if the person’s destination is the same destination in mind. But here we are, two people followed same pathways and got different results.

So I started seeking God’s face for answers I could give to anyone who is in search of meaning like I was. It was no longer about me because I had been successful already, I accomplished certain things early in life. Still, it did not seem like anyone who followed my footsteps would get my results.

This book was the result of my voyage into God, in search of answers that everyone can apply and get result. While I thought I was looking to discover something unique, I found myself!

I believe you will find yourself in it as well. If you keep an open mind and a ready heart.

It provides clarity by answering the question of purpose and pathways, while suggesting how you may creatively approach your desire to see changes in your life.


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