Brutal Truth About Trauma


There are certain demographics of people who may never know the LORD unless God permits a degree of trauma to happen to them. They are:

1. Knowledgeable and eloquent people, who cannot be reasoned with.

It doesn’t matter what is said to them, they have their own perspective that cannot be reviewed in the light of Truth from broader lights. 

2. People whose personal and family foundations are not rooted in the word and ways of God.

Such may desire the ease of the word of God to take root in them, but their grounds are not prepared for such seeds of God’s word to take root downward and bear fruits upward

3. Those who have become so familiar with God that they no longer understand that God is not their mate.

Familiar folks, who abuses God’s mercies and grace are signing up for trauma and God may permit it for their own good.

It is the pleasure of God to introduce Himself to all of us, but the circumstances would have to be different, to the degree to which we are different from each other.

However you are introduced to God, know that He is love; He loves you unconditionally and that trumps over all.

Be sure that you have truly met God.


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