LOVE, beyond Words


For the very few people who have known the beauty of loving someone genuinely, speaking their hearts to the people they love is never a problem. As a matter of truth, love that is bereft of words is to be suspected. It’s natural to speak peaceably to anyone that is genuinely loved.

But, when the circumstances do not permit spoken words, or the expression of love in natural ways, how else does one show love?

God loves the world so much that He spoke endlessly to the world and the world did not give a thought to His undying words of love for it . . . until He gave His only begotten son. It seems the only way to speak love, without uttering a sound, is to give something precious to the most undeserving fellow. It breaks barriers.

So, how have you loved those you claim to love? Unconditionally or otherwise? When loving them becomes difficult and uneasy; especially because they have no value for your person or what you have to say, how do you love them still . . .? Unconditionally?

Sometimes, good quietness, laced with actions that speaks louder are the best response. Give yourself and precious resources (time, money and relationships) to people who are too stubborn to listen to you. They would understand your actions more than your words. It works, all the time . . .

I was once a beneficiary of this kind of love, from God and from His people. Quite recently in my life, someone loved me deeply in quietness, but gave me access to him to have his time and relationships. It meant everything to me then; even now that I am out of the woods. You can’t love a broken person by a barrage of words; of reasons they are in crisis, of things they must change, and of adjustment they must make. Show them what you mean in your deeds than you speak it to them as words. Infact, only speak about them when the request is from those concerned. Let them be hungry for your words before you speak them.

Love those who listen to you deeply,
Love those who do not listen to you deeper.
Extend your heart to a sinking fellow by bringing him or her to the surface first before addressing how they arrived in the drowning waters. You are wiser when you do so.

Do you have a practical example of how you have given this kind of love, or  received such; please share with me. I believe it would be an enriching and edifying conversation to have and others can learn from it.

Peace to you.

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