God’s Value-Vehicle Gap


Many times, the vehicle for what God intends to do is not always in sync with the value He wants to provide. It would require a totally submissive disposition and continual guidance of God, by His Spirit, not to miss His move.

Sadly, many God-loving people have missed God’s move for them by their hard resolutions to hold on to yesterday’s instruction; especially when today’s instruction looks and sounds unlikely from God.

How can God prepare someone to preserve posterity in prison? How can He prepares a pattern for a generation in the barrenness of faithfully serving people? How can God prepare someone to lead a nation in the backside of the desert, where no one inhabits? How can He prepare Himself a king in the sheepfold, while others are sharpening their skills at war?

God’s way will not follow your pattern of reasoning. At best, your reasoning can only handle finite and finishing details of what you really do not fully understand in whole. You know in part . . . it pleases God to make it so.

So, walk with God acceptably, let Him lead you and lead His people in your care (your family, your community, your church group, your locality, and your nation).

Peace to you.

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