Unknown and Uncertain


The most significant part of my life journey is defined by two major factors – the unknown and the uncertain. They are constants. Sometimes they are so scary, I am literarily paralyzed on all fronts, wondering how to proceed; mostly so, until God shows up to lead me forward.

Believe me, ‘forward’ do not always look like it. Sometimes, it feels delusional to review some direct commands of God and those laid out in His words; it would look like one is on a suicide mission when following the LORD by faith. But, come to think of it, how else is one who is bound by time going to relate with God who operates in eternity – a mortal man relating with an immortal God.

Well, I now know and understand that this is not unique to matters concerning Jehovah and His ways, it’s pretty much a spiritual protocol. For embodied spirit beings, nothing significant happens without a measure of anxiety from what is not known and what is not certain. We would have to walk with God that way. It is why we need faith to walk with God.

The import of this piece is to, by a way of reminder, in fellowship with you, bring you to a place where you are at peace with these two – the unknown and the uncertain. If you are going somewhere significant, you would have to travel comfortably with these two.

It is unwise to pursue conquering these two; if you do, you would have expunged the excitement designed into your life journey. You do not need to know all things. Everything does not have to be certain before you take a step in faith. FAITH is indeed the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Without this, pleasing God is a pipe dream.

Know God, He is enough!
Know His will, that should be enough for you too.
Pathways and realities of life may not be certain at the start,
You may not even know the danger that is lurking in the dark,
Still, He has you covered!
So plunge into light!

Put your hand in His hands and you will be safe and secured.
Step out in faith; help will meet you on the way.
You will realise purpose as your h
journey unfolds,
You will gain clarity as you make progress.

Peace to you

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