Pondering Pathways and Patterns

For a couple of days now, I have been deeply in thoughts about what I see daily . . . Prior to now, I contemplate them for a while and just put them aside to focus on my own journey; after all, my account to God must not be short, on the account of being busy with what is not my direct responsibilities. I would write them down in times past; now, I just write only what God says, for I have found them to be eternal, dependable, and valuable; even more than my interpretations of life and things.

These things however have not left my consciousness. Here are a few recent ones:

1. The blessings of the bound is the boredom of the free.

Going through social media yesterday and seeing the works done by Bashiru Adamu and Seun Onakoya, training inmates in prison about doing business, without cost, and I could not stop wondering how many free people would value the same training if they were handed to them free of charge. Your guess is as good as mine. It is amazing what we do with our freedom; too many distractions, that some people may need some sort of prison (limitation) or chains to focus on what truly matters.

2. No lifetime invested is a waste: the present would need a message you sent from your past to make sense of it. The future is asking you for a message today.

I walked round the grounds of the Old Auditorium at the Redemption Camp, of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, earlier yesterday and I saw poster boards I was privileged to design (free of charge) more than ten (10) year ago. It was a commission by a senior friend, Arc. Cephas Adelore (Pictures attached). In the messages projected from the boards were the messages for my ‘now’ . . . I even got a word of caution too.

You can imagine what this present moment (future then) would look like without a proceeding word from God when I got here.

Nothing is an accident, only matters that received your attention and contribution in the past would stand out to communicate with you when others see the mundane in the future.

3. It is hard to do what/who you are not – good or bad.

I once had the privilege of living with a family in Ibadan,Nigeria. I was told it was because their son, Julius Adebayo Sangokoya, was my friend; but I know deep within me it was more than that. It was God’s response to me. I needed shelter and food so badly; and since no one, who stays with God, would be without necessary care, God made a way for my needs to be met for that season. I was so well looked after that, but for the names we bear and the differences in our physical frame, no one would know I was not their biological son. We ate from the same table, rode in the same vehicles, and slept on the same bed with their sons (I even use to wet the bed those days). Chai! God helped me! God is indeed enough!

Since I left that home, it has become natural for me to know hungry people before they ask me for help. When someone is struggling with life, I see them clearly. It is natural for me to respond to people, even before they ask me for help . . . Why? I once received mercies from God, through those whom God used for me, the least I can do is to do same for others. There was also a sister, Success Oluwafunmito Atunramu (now Morakinyo), who would share her own food with me then, she had to introduce me to her parents. I became the extra mouth they had to think about. So, I know what it means to sacrifice what is rightfully mine, just for someone to have a relief.

People have abused that privilege; sometimes they don’t even know I go without means for a season, for them to have what they got from me. I once gave away a car and returned to using okada because God would have it so and the family that received it needed it more than mine. Some would even act so entitled, and the list goes on and on. Yet, it is not an issue. Still, I find it easy to continue to be who I am; after all, if I found mercy, should I not be showing mercy? By the way, mercies are not for deserving people. Think on that for a moment . . .

The reason you do what you do is because you are who you are. If you haven’t truly experienced certain things, it is hard to continually reciprocate it without motivation – good or bad. Be careful of the experiences of life you are creating for people around you; indirectly, you are shaping them for the future and you are laying a foundation for your own future too.

This blog is already long o . . . Chai!

Let me cut it short here. If the LORD pleases, I will write more someday. Life is beautiful; yet the contrasts in it are the secrets behind it’s beauty. Pleasure and pain, failure and fruitfulness, friends and foe, light and darkness, tints and shades . . . they are all working together for good, according to the POWER at work in you. Perhaps you should check which power and whose power is at work in you?

Remember to stay on the righteous side.
Stay with God.

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  1. Powerful piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. AWED says:

    You are welcome. Thank you for reading it.


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