The Value of You


What is the value of a life? Is it measured in the size of it’s possessions? Is it measured by the scale of it’s impact (remember impact itself is contextual; what is good may be bad in another context)? Is it measured in how many people he or she knows?

Hmnnnn . . . is a person’s network truly his or her net-worth?

I will leave these questions with you to honestly answer by yourself; but these words are as sure as the day rising out of the darkness of the night before:

God has to finish His works before we start. Timing is a gift from eternity.

If what a man pursues are not already done by God, it is an exercise in futility. Even, when they are already done by God, the heart with which each one approaches it would determine much in the long run.

Pursuing the works of God is a wise choice on what to do with the gift of life. But, unless you have access to the heart of God, you can neither access nor understand His works. It is in the exercise of this that REAL
value is created, formed, and made.

Reach for the heart of God, not just His hands; exercise all you are and all you have pursuing it; and you will find yourself in remarkable places of renown, beyond your wildest imagination. This is the pathway to REALIZING purpose.

Peace to you. 

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