Learning to Love


I am learning to listen as I love,
For love without listening ears is blind.
It is capable of destroying something beautiful, even with the right intention,
I reckon that true love gives and gives until there is nothing else left to give.

I have indeed received mercies from the LORD,
This is why I am naturally disposed to showing mercies to everyone else;
Even while protecting my heart, I cannot take the thought of someone being lost on my account . . .
It is important to consider others as I strive for the best of me.

If you feel like I am right now, your focus must have been moved from temporal matters to the eternal;
Soon, you will understand the glory of being poured out, as an offering, for greater glories.

So, let the earth rejoice for the mercies of God endures forever;
His judgments are fearful and true;
Yet, He sees His own through the eyes of mercies.

The LORD is good.
Blessed be His name forever. Amen.

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