What do you do when what bothers you is not about you, but others; and those concerned do not care?

It happened to Christ, He wept on Jerusalem but there was nothing else He could do. He went on to other places and greater works were done there.

This generation despises their God-ordained helps; they are pumped by their own falsehood and they love their own lies. Hear me, your saviours are weeping bitterly for you, in private and in public; your captors and slavemasters are your heroes. This is no Stockolm syndrome; your heart has been deceived and you are fine with it.

Your excuses are exhausted! No more reasons for your failings. Would you not look to the LORD for you help? The hills are covered in smoke and the devastation in the horizon is racing to mankind unchecked.

There comes a time when it is now or never! Now is such a time.

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