We Love It Ready . . .

I can relate with how leaders with real value feel, when asked to provide what people don’t really deserve for them – even things that those seeking it are not willing to pay a price for. It is a classic case of people demonizing others for insisting on process instead of interventions.

I have a truckload of these in my personal experiences too; most young people are not well sensitized to these things. I have seen them commit scarce resources (time, money and relationships) to pursuing things that have no other value aside pleasure, entertainment and fame-seeking; even at the expense of a more meaningful use of their lives. Indeed, living as a problem-solver is a hard sell now.

Unfortunately, even those thinking out solution for these demographics only get traction when their offerings are significantly less of REAL value and more of these things. It is a plague!

I am inclined to think it boils down to the kind of parenting most people have. Unfortunately, we corporately have a deficiency that is more than two generations before this one. We may have to intentionally seek change in the next two, if we start now.

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