Yesterday and today, I had to use public transportation to get to Lagos in order to fix my personal computer that stopped working. On my way to computer village at Ikeja today, in the public bus, someone was advising young people on the radio to not make MONEY the center of their life’s pursuit.

Almost immediately, a chorus followed the comment on the radio:
“For where?!”
One said, “Money does everything,”
Another said, “Not in the Nigeria of today!”

I was so alarmed that only one elderly man in the bus agreed with the comment on the radio . . . every other person disregarded it with all the passion in them. For the first time, it dawned on me that not many people believe in the values that shapes a proper society anymore. It’s all money and what it can buy. It broke my heart!

Where do we begin from? How do we communicate to the coming generations that life is more than money? How will they find value in truth over lies?

Well, I have not been here on earth for so long. The short time I have spent has taught me one lesson, above all else, that money is a tool and the worst master anyone can have. Money will certainly finish and everything, done out of love for God and others, will remain eternally. It is definitely not wise to make all of one’s life about making and spending money.

What do you think of this societal trend?
Is this healthy for us as a people?
Is this pursuit of money the solution to our problems?

#Contemplation #Consecration #Community

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