Nothing is what it is anymore. Deeper darkness is recessed in bright lights.

That it shines brightly does not authenticate it’s purity; it seems different shades and multiple colours are widely preferred to white. . . many saints no longer fancy the purity of the Way of Truth to Life.

The whole essence of life is to LIVE.
To truly live has become more than just a sport; the one who must live must love to live!
This life begins at the expiration of the old.

Surely, as I take each step in my journey of life,
I understand each day that nothing beautiful begins beautifully;
Each ‘making’ begins with a ‘breaking,’
No new things is made by the assembly of what is existent as they are.

Do not be alarmed by the sound of desperation and despair,
What and Who is coming is nothing like we know already.
The new is not an arrangement of the old as they are;
A ‘breaking’ must precede the ‘making’ we seek.

As simple as these words may seem,
Blood and sweat are drained for them.
The breaking is no kind proposition to that which is ‘made’ already, the possibilities in the ‘making’ notwithstanding . . .
Sometimes, hope and faith in the possible may come short
Still, love never fails.

If you are in trust of a vision or mission,
Be careful to restrain from being too attached to what already is . . . 
Remain unattached to old glories,
Stay focused on the One who calls those things that are not as though they are already.


PHOTO: A vehicle, whose owner demonstrated everything short of virtue on the road, the last time I visited Ibadan, Nigeria


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