Specks And Logs PART 1

For a while now, I have been learning to pay attention to patterns and the persuasions that produced them. I see more people seeking to solve the problems they are heavily afflicted by; they refused to see in themselves what they criticise in others.

I’ll start with the tendency to judge all people and matters, using one’s experiences as the yardstick. One common thing is the inadequacies of human experiences to, in isolation, become the standard or measure for defining societal and corporate yardstick.

People, who are total failures, by every yardstick of measurement, seeks to empower themselves where majority of people lack strength, finances being an example. They in turn use generosity to promote their failed life as the way to live.

Desperate people do not question the quality of delinquent people’s promoted value; survival is more pressing than ‘misplaced integrity.’ Soon enough, it will not matter whether what is done is good or bad; the end, they will say, justifies the means.

Parents, who failed in their marriages are promoting their choices to their children and grandchildren as the way to go;
Spouses, who ruined their marriages are giving unsolicited advice to newlyweds and lovebirds.

Leaders, whose followers are in forced servitude, constricted to obey because they have no other choice, continually promotes their ways as the ONLY way to success;
Follower, clinging on to their own mindsets judges all other but themselves as corrupt.

Certainly, there is no other standard other than the one give by the Creator of all there is. If it is not according to God’s word, it is not going to cut it . . . It will corrupt, subjugate and dominate other people.

It is God’s word, not our experiences!

As the end time of abundance in false knowledge and people resisting sound teaching unfolds, anything can be presented as from the LORD with little or no resistance.

What then is God’s word?
Is it the Bible or revelations?

We resume from here in the second part.

This is a transcript from online tweets by me. Please save the #SpecksAndLogs hashtag on Twitter to follow the thread.

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