The ‘House on the Hill’


The vantage place, in the horizon, is established by the LORD; set on a hill, it cannot be hid. What this means is that its state is always in public glare – glory or grief.

But, we are in a unique place. What is seen from afar is a product of what is going on within it’s walls. Certainly, the issues we are contending with, in the body of Christ, are no longer external assaults. These are carefully positioned and guided explosives; who were former lights, now turned into darkness, concerning whom the people of God have not received an update memo on their present state.

They had great dreams for the LORD, until their dreams engulfed the purposes of God;
They have great works for the LORD, except that their focus is on the work, not on the OWNER of the work;
They have great charisma and amiable personalities, it is just that they are the ones seen, not the LORD;
They truly love the people of God, they just don’t agree that they cannot love them more than God, their Maker.

We are in a very dangerous place, as far as the church of Christ is concerned,
Those who prioritize the LORD are seen as second class in the scheme of things.
Those who balance the LORD’s command with other concerns, buying and selling in their temples, are the models seeking to mentor the next generation.
The coming kingdom is not really our goal anymore, God’s will is not our real drive, when all is said and done.

Now, who will speak to the managers of these house of the LORD?
Who will counsel them not to prioritize managing the establishment and the people over doing the Master’s will – discipling the people? 
I have sounded the alarm; those who have ears, let them hear it . . .
The LORD God Almighty is returning to His house soon; it will no longer be business as usual.

Let the watchmen wake up!
Be revived from slumbering and sleeping.
If we are interceding, the house of the LORD is what we should be interceding for.
The nations’ rot has its root in the temples;
If you don’t believe me, take a dive into history of civilizations since Babylon.

If we will not pay attention,
What is coming will certainly get our attention.
If the dismal failure of true discipleship that is ongoing in our churches is not awakening enough,
The persecution that is about to begin will wake us up.

Our negotiation for a position of strength in nations will only last a moment,
Our compromises and resistance to restrain religious domination will not last . . .
They are not meant to last.
Proper discipleship is what would prepare saints for what is coming;
Built communities without true fellowship with the LORD will eventually scatter;
It happened to the early church, it certainly can happen again.

It is time for leaders, who truly love the LORD, to take stock.
What have you been building?
Buildings, organizations, the people or the Kingdom of God?
It’s not too late to recalibrate to righteousness,
It is not too late, yet.

Peace to the righteous.

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