Clarity, Amidst the Mist of Muchness

Set the reach and the boundaries of your dreams in the LORD. If you do not, the world will set you on an endless pursuit of vanity.

Don’t just be hopeful (waiting for a possible intervention from God), have faith (actively working towards fulfilling what you heard from the LORD). Living by faith is not being lazy; hope, without faith, in love, is actually the true definition hopelessness.

Remember the LORD is for you, not against you. He is rooting for you to be His purpose; your dreams pale in comparison to what He sees of you.

If you don’t believe me, as David in the Bible. All he desired was to be a great shepherd of his father’s flock, and later his own flock; he ended up as king over Israel. Shepherding took on a new definition!

God is looking to fellowship with you, not just to bless you. Think on that for a moment.


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