33/43 CHRONICLES – The Mountain of the LORD’s House

A regular person, who walks into the House of the LORD these days, have so many expectations. They will not all be met in one place, and the Shepherds won’t stop trying to meet them all.

But is the Church of Christ meant to meet every need? Why are those worshipping Him there going to the mountain of His House? If God will no longer grant requests, and He no longer received offering, will the temple still be open for worship?

Is everyone welcome in God’s house? Is everyone granted access to all the rooms in there? What is the purpose of the mountain upon which it is set far apart from others? Is there a protocol to dwelling on his house?

All these and more are the reasons for the 33/34 CHRONICLES this year.

I am cordially inviting you on this 52-Day journey with God, as He bares His heart concerning His Church, His People, and their Worship in this season.

It’s begins from tomorrow AUGUST 27 till OCTOBER 16, 2022

We would have daily morning Audio Broadcast on  https://mixlr.com/RarebuildShade by 7.00AM WAT

Also in the evenings, we would have Tweets on https://twitter.com/AWEDindeed by 7.00PM WAT

I look forward to seeing you.
Share this with others as well.

God bless you.

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