Misplaced Priority


The internet some are praying to have funds to buy data to access is facilitated and managed by people who have very little regards for God. In fact, possibilities in God are now defined by the boundaries of men.

When are we going to realise that relationship with God is not about DOING things as it is about BEING with God.

Many will gloss over matters that are meant for their good and focus on the ‘getting” of things, instead of BEING with God. Infact, insignificant news about other people’s life (gossips) would get the attention of a crowd before the truth that will set them free would be heard or seen.

Perhaps, too many people are given too much credit in that they are assumed to be, at least, sensible. The delusion is high and unfortunately, the headquarters of this is the company of so-called believers – the Church.

That season is here, when those who will walk acceptably with God would do so, even if they are rejected by all and sundry. The odds would be stacked against them.

Mark these words, you are about to find out the extent to which you have been decieved; by others or by your own heart. In the end, you are engaged with what you love, be it life or death.

Only the Way of Truth leads to Life.


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