Questioning the Evident

For some time now, since 2014 actually, I have carried a burden for the house of the LORD in my heart  Since I was a young lad, old enough to extract meaning out of situations, I would come to God in my quiet time and ask all kinds of questions.

I would ask why those who serve God less are the rich. I would ask God why it is so hard to be right and upright. I would ask why do good people go through difficulties and those others seems to have life easy. My questions were endless . . .

Well, my questions are still many still, but I gave learnt to ask a different kind lately as I walk with God. Concerning the House of the LORD, and my many questions towards it’s well-being, I have come to realize a few things lately:

1. The sooner we realize that PROGRAMMING, both in the Church of Christ and in nations will not resolve our issues, the better for us. Only PROCESSES that are rooted in righteousness can midwife the transformation we seek. If we are seeking any at all.

Though many people pay lip service to the real reason for the Church of Christ; whether we still have a relevance or it is altogether just a ‘business venture.’ There are no short cuts! If we want real redemption by the LORD, we have to go through a process, a not-so-pleasurable one.

2. The revival that we are mouthing is coming. Surely, as the day must dawn after a long dark night, it is here already. . .. But, it will reveal too much than we can handle. It is wisdom to humbly resolve our issues while the darkness remains before the light. . .

Repentance from dead works and return to the LORD, primarily for fellowship and to stay with Him, not for requests and benefits, are the only response that can provoke a restoration whose pain will not be in the eye of the public.

3. So many fervent believer are honestly praying for God’s intervention in the affairs of the Church and nations. If most of them understand the full ramifications of their request to God, they may likely change their prayers. Indeed, what is coming will disappoint even the intercessors; mark these words!

4. Genuinely, and with much passion, too many people are working against God, while thinking they are working for God. . .. In the scheme of things and what is coming, there are no certainties for anyone. In the pattern of Habakkuk, the intercessors, many intercessors would soon discover that their prayers cannot change God’s mind. He only relents, He does not repent.

5. Since the LORD is God, and no one is capable of instructing Him on what to do [forget the assertions of chalatans, who claim they advice and command the Most High], He is able to decide what is best for His house. If the health of His body requires drastic measures, HE would see to it. He is more interested in the health of the Church than it’s sporadic growth, which has an appearance of malignancy.

6. If we are dealing with malignancy in the body of Christ, and therapeutic medicine [sound warning and words, as well as divine interruptions by God] have not healed us yet; God may have to take us to surgery [judgment] to remove them. It’s not going to be without consequences and casualties . . . Remember that!

Let those who have ears hear and make adjustment before judgment comes.

The Church of Christ, and by extension, nations, would be healed and restored for sure; it is our choice HOW that gets to happen and on which side we would be after the dust is settled.


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