What is Really at Stake?

What is really at stake when a generation loses connection with their progenitors?

1. Whatsoever is admirable about the older generation would become almost invisible or of little value in less than 10 years. What was once a giant leap and accomplishment becomes reduced to a relic. Afterall, the life of any place is the people.

2. Also, so much would change in the character quotient of the new generation. This will not be happening because they are totally bankrupt of character; it would be that they missed out on key processes that produced. the quality of their parents.

3. Eventually, all that was earned with sweat and blood, built by grit and grace, in pain and power, would become lost to trends. It becomes heartbreaking to watch the very essence of vision and promise become meaningless in the lifetime of the owners. It is hell before death.

4. All of heaven’s investment on earth, in that space of time, becomes lost with the progenitors and their scions are plagues with identity crisis. They would have adopted foreign and strange essences as theirs, and become redefined as a concoction of identities.

5. It is the waste of years; a waste of life! It needs not be so. The stature would have to be re-earned if not inherited and that would be a waste of life. If only father’s and mother’s would be truly honest with their children and not use their stature to enforce errors.

6. If only young people would learn in humility to build on what was already achieved and not be rebellious against it. If only everyone’s goal would be to make progress in God’s grand scheme of things; with each one and each generation playing their part.

7. We must bridge this gap with truth and reconciliation. The Bible is very apt in this season: “And you fathers [and mother], do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the LORD.”

The LORD is the connection between generations. Amen.

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