The Bringer of Joy!

I am AkinWaleEkunDayo, meaning ‘the valiant one, who has come into ‘the house’ and the tears in it are turned into joy’. My work is to show people the Way, by telling the Truth; so that they can have the Life they seek. I have prophetic responsibilities to the church of Christ . . . and to every tribe and tongue, people and nation.

I am a Son, Husband, and Father; a Writer, Speaker and Creative Consultant; the Founding Overseer and Lead at Rarebuild, a mission to raise, repair and restore people, building God’s Kingdom; Stillvoice, an idea creation, development and management company; Lifetree, a people-development organization; Lebana, a holistic life education outreach and Cheret, a creative, publishing and resource consultancy.

My interest is in nurturing and bringing God’s dreams, locked up in people, into reality. I specialize in creating beauty out of chaos; eternal value, true riches and wealth out of mundane and regular experiences. . . If it reveals and brings God’s glory, then I am for it! I live near Lagos Nigeria with my family.