Book for Life

“How am I supposed to remain spotless from the world? I live in the world for God’s sake! What I need to live a meaningful life is in the world; it seems like living well in the world and pleasing the One, who puts us here are two parallel lines that cannot meet . . .”

“Look into the original design and great will be your peace.”

‘Book for Life’ is dedicated to everyone in search of the Way, the Truth and the Life . . .

The subject of this book is Life, being the knowledge of the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom He had sent. (John 17 : 3) Why is this knowledge imperative? Our world has become full of death, loss, and destruction (John 10 : 10) and peoples everywhere are wondering if God has any response to these things beyond the oration of those who truly represent Him and those who claim to represent Him. It seems the provisions of God in His word are merely good for our spiritual enrichment and that they are not potent or active enough, contrary to what the Scriptures say, to chart, for many people, the way to live. It seems the truth, revealed in God’s word, has become irrelevant and a meaningful life is hardly possible by following God. “God must be dead or long irrelevant,” says those who no longer believe any God exists, who is worthy of worship.

People, who seem to be devoted to God, in absolute worship, without compromise by an error of character, seem to have no place in the world’s scheme of things. It is becoming a plague to belong and be devoted to God; a little compromise here and there seems to make a beautiful story of ‘success’ out of some and their ways have become the wise way to go.

Is God indeed irrelevant? Are His words no longer potent enough to guide any people? Indeed, it is not so! His words are the only perfect law, free of bondage, that can convert the soul; the only sure testimony, free of falsehood, that is able to make the simple wise; the only right statutes, established by justice, that can make the heart rejoice; the only pure commandment, free of bias, that enlightens the eye; the only clean and reverential fear, free of torment, that can endure forever; and the only true judgment, based on truth, that is able to produce righteousness. (Psalm 19 : 7-11)

The reason for the alienation of those who seem to stand with God is that He is gathering His own people to Himself. As these ones journey into Him, not a destination anyone could define as ‘success’, regardless of their ethnic identity, language, culture or citizenship, they are being redeemed unto God by a calling to fulfil the purposes of His Kingdom; chosen for specific responsibilities of bringing change by creativity when they respond to the call; justified when they succeed, using God’s ways; and glorified with God. These ones are destined to reign on the earth with God. (Revelations 5 : 9-10) This ‘reigning on the earth’ is what this book is all about!

It is this journey with God into ‘Life’ that this book addresses. Why? The LORD God Almighty’s ONLY response to the chaos in our world, manifesting as death, loss, and destruction, is ‘life’ (John 10 : 10). Though it seems this life is far from reach, it is very accessible! This book is a guide to help and provide clarity on issues for anyone seeking God’s response and answer to every chaos around them needing a change into true beauty through creativity. It is fundamentally based on the Bible and its directions are timeless. With this book, you will find meaning in your life according to the word of God; find guidance on how to pursue its purpose; receive help to gain skills for the journey and grace to fulfill God’s will for your life. This book, with your Bible, will take you to the place of rich fulfillment with God.

‘Book for Life is one book with many books in it. It is published in volumes; of which this is the first. It is ever an open book*, for as long as God is still speaking to His people; guiding them through His word to good success in life. If you desire a life of fulfillment, with a balance of enriching spiritual life and possibilities of prosperity, you will find this book a useful reference tool for doing it God’s way. It would show anyone the ‘Way’ by the ‘Truth’ for the ‘Life’ desired in God.

This first volume (three books),titled ‘IDENTITY’, would be released in prints by December 2017. In the meantime, each book is available as eBook, in PDF format for download now!

BFL 1-3

‘Before the Light’, an inquiry into creation for understanding our world and how to operate in it; the place of each individual in collective existence and the subject of fulfilling destinies in God.

Discover (Expanded), a self-serve resource for personal and capacity discovery, in the context of all that is going on in the world, a help for community building for higher effectiveness, a guide to idea creation, development and management as well as discovery, development, and management of relationships and resources. It helps with understanding the destination, the pathways to it and the pattern to follow.

‘Fruitful Tree’, a leadership walk-through for those called to take responsibility for a particular change in their sphere of influence. It is a journey metaphorically woven to illustrate life, as a leader, in everyday experiences. It helps with understanding how to prosecute that purpose of God, from the idea stage to its full blossom. . . set in poetry.

To pre-order an author-signed copy of ‘Book for Life’ | Volume 1 | Identity, please click here to make payment. The payment includes an additional 500NGN for shipping to your preferred mailing address.

There are already more volumes in the works, namely: KINGDOM, RELATIONSHIPS, TESTIMONY and more. . . with many other books in each volume. They would be released soon.

*An ‘Open Book’ is one, whose content continues in other volumes to be published in the future, under the same book name and chapters, but as a new season. In this first volume, ‘The LORD’s Song’ and ‘Me.Moi’ are open books.