Center of Meaning

One will conquer a thousand and two will put ten thousand to flight . . .

So much remains undone because we have not really learned to come together to tackle them. Even when we come together, we are only as strong as the geometric combination of our individual strength. Therefore, it is imperative to locate our individual strength and purpose; then harness them together for greater impact.

‘Center of Meaning’ is where we do all these. It is where the ‘inside scoops’ are served. It features:

  • Bible-based contents that would help attain fulfillment in life and ministry wherever you are.
  • Explained ‘Book for Life’ contents, in short videos and audio media.
  • Written and illustrated resources, in timely posts, featured articles, ebooks, and infographics;
  • Assessment and Evaluation tools, for personal, vocational and business purposes;
  • Ideas that can be explored, with vital information that could help in setting them up as businesses;
  • Brand, Design and Packaging Ideas that can be of value to your enterprise;
  • Events and Programs, capable of increasing your effectiveness and the efficiency of the systems and structures you build;
  • Progressive Projects you can be a part of; as well as
  • Information and News that can be of importance to you.

For now, this would be happening here and on Facebook. You would need a yearly subscription, paid monthly, to enter in. You will be glad you are a part of it.

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