These are payments is for e-books from ‘Book for Life’ Series and other publications. You would be redirected to a download link after the payment. All e-books are available for a flat rate of 500 NGN.

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This is the payment for Monthly Subscription to ‘Center of Meaning’, 

an online group on Facebook, where we, on a personal level, resolve the issue with life’s meaning. It is where we discover the WORK you are to be doing, the VALUES you can create and FORTUNES that are waiting for you to explore. . . and above all walk you through the entire process of seeing it become reality.

After payment, as soon as you are approved for the group, please download the Personal Assessment Form, (FILE MENU), respond to the questions in the form and send it back to us through and we would respond as soon as possible.

Subscription to this platform, for one year, comes with complementary Personal Strategy Assessment Report for you. You do not need to pay for the assessment, your purchase of the book and subscription has covered that. 

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General Payment for Services

These are general payments for services rendered. These include honorariums, consultancy, strategy sessions, etc.

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Personal Strategy Assessment Report

These are payment for Personal Strategy Assessment Report to be sent to your email address, upon receipt of your Assessment Form. After this payment, you will be re-directed to the Facebook Group – ‘Center of Meaning’ for you to download the form.

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