100% Pure Light

Our present-day realities have shown that we can no longer leave the raising of our future generations to outsiders; parents and guardians must rise to truly parent our young ones. Introducing them to God and teaching them the word of God has become our newest challenge with the present day information overload, especially on social media.

In light of this, through the Rarebuild mission, we would be launching the ‘100% Pure Light’ Project through our school and church communities to reconceptualize how the word of God is presented to them and to ensure they are taught to understand. This project would feature Bible study groups, Bible-based devotionals, Kingdom activities and leadership development initiatives.


We are in need of content writers, software/apps/games developers, designers, child evangelism instructors and youth enthusiasts to join us in prosecuting this kingdom agenda. Should the LORD put it in your heart to join our team, please send us a mail through hello@akinwaleekundayo.com, stating what capacity you would like to volunteer and where you currently reside, and we would contact you.

Thank you very much

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