#SHARE is a strategic process, designed to engage every believer in taking responsibility for introducing Christ and His Kingdom to everyone in their sphere of influence by sharing our stories. Our primary objective is to evangelize our primary domain and bring the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, whom He had sent to them. Secondarily, we intend to build communities of real people that can help each other grow to fruitfulness in every sphere of life (spiritual, professional, economic, social etc.).

If one man would take responsibility for a million soul, he or she would need billion of money. We may not have billions at the moment, but, like the early believers, each one of us can #ShareTheWork through #ShareTheStory and #ShareTheWalk

By the way, what is our story?
What is the story to be shared as a witness of Christ?

THE STORY#ShareTheStory

  • Our story is how Christ’s story changed who we are. In as much as it is our story, Jesus is the center of the story.
  • The story is not primarily about changes that happened to THINGS, but changes that happened to YOU. When you are changed, things around you will change. It is primarily not about how you became rich, healed, free; it more of how your old nature became exchanged for Christ’s nature, which in turn changed things around you. (2 Corinthians 5 : 17).
  • It is not the story of how you struggle with doing right . . . that would simply be trying to establish one’s righteousness. In that case, you would not be different from religious people, whose pursuit is the establishment of self-righteousness. It is simply the exchange of your righteousness for the righteousness of God, in Christ. (Romans 10 : 1-4).
  • Also remember, it is not credible to share what you have not witnessed, especially if your account of it is not accurate. We are witnesses, not just storytellers. We are to tell stories of what (in this case, Who) we have witnessed.
  • It is unrighteous to bear a false witness. There is no honor in fabricating a story to spurn an expected response. Truth is the center of the stories of God. Unrighteous means cannot produce righteous results; God hates falsehood, especially even when fabricated for His purpose.

THE WALK | #ShareTheWalk

  • This entire work can be summarized as ‘Learning Christ’ (Ephesians 4 : 20). It is our journey as we exchange who we are for Christ’s.
  • What we share in our journey with the LORD is simply the Word of God! They are not philosophies, tested-and-trusted principles, opinions, great men’s quotations, etc. It is squarely the word of God as inspired by His Holy Spirit. We must be careful to clearly delineate and distinguish the word of God from others.
  • What we share are not gossips, trending issues or resemblance of noble issues. The objective is to share how your relationship with God, through Christ, by His word, has made your life journey more fruitful and rewarding.
  • Above all, please submit to the Holy Spirit to guide you on how to undertake these responsibilities for the kingdom of God. Nothing significant happens in the spirit without prevailing prayers. Please pray well and the LORD will command help for you in ways you cannot imagine.

Just in case you consider your salvation story questionable or you are not so sure you are saved yourself. It is alright! Please send me an email at and I will privately and discretely revisit the matter and the LORD will indeed give you that assurance of salvation. It is imperative that you are truly born-again yourself before you can effectively witness Christ to other people.

I present #SHARE to you. It is a strategic document for taking responsibility for your sphere of influence by evangelizing the unreached and making disciples of the saved. Please download it HERE, read through and let us discuss how we may work with you to implement it together; each one, contributing their own quota.

Yours in Christ,

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