Oluwasegun Ayilara

Mr. Akinwale Ekundayo, a man who awes everyone that comes across his way.
I can remember vividly in the year 2013, during the preparation for the 3rd edition of TSI, the REBIRTH Edition in OAU, he was suggested by Ogunleye Opeyemi; a resourceful lady and foundation team member of TSI. As if what Ope told us about him wasn’t enough to qualify him. When he got to Ife, he awed every one of us.

He left Minna (Niger State) in a bid to give the benefit of his presence and to impact lives at the REBIRTH Edition in Ife. He got to Ife late in the night due to Nigeria road traffic factor. Though tired, he was concerned about the progress made in the preparation.
At the end of the event, he wasn’t asking for honorarium but how he could be a blessing to the initiative. He sent in a mail titled, Beauty Still Resides Everywhere. Though long, let me share it.

Dear Thrive Shuttle Initiatives Team,

To start with, I am so honored to be invited to speak to your friends and students. I appreciate your confidence, it made me believe further that when anyone set out to attain a noble objective…nothing is impossible.

1. My first promise is that I would continue to pray for you guys to become much stronger and that the glory of the Lord be revealed greater in you. The power (fruitfulness against all odds) that I saw available in that hall today is so overwhelming. Please sustain the umber. I am still awed by the dedication of your team and how you guys conducted yourselves.

2. Your hospitality touched my heart, though I am a person with a rather simple outlook, I felt welcomed. Your smiles were REAL and I saw a people with excellence that is unrivaled, even by students!

3. Indeed, this diligence you have displayed, and the excellence you have shown would definitely distinguish you. I am so sure you would all succeed.

4. Please let me know if there is anything you need me to do to support your work. I will be very glad to deliver it to you.

5. I would love to offer Brand Identities Development for FIVE companies that are created by your friends and students, WHILE STILL STUDENT, to solve a genuine problem around them…FREE. It could be a part of your exhibitions next year, not just the testimonies in words. I will personally do the designs myself! So please encourage your followership to find a genuine problem, create a solution to it (I would freely consult for them at their Business Development Stages) and convert the solution into thriving ventures. (Please refer to attachment)

6. Finally, I owe your team a gift….still thinking what I can give you; I would consult with my wife at home and get back to you.

My Best Regards,


Thanks for always being there for us at TSI.
May God continually bless and upgrade you on all sides sir.